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Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns?

Have you ever had the experience of driving your car for miles and not remembering how you got to your destination? It's almost like you were on auto-pilot, and have no recall of making turns or stopping at stop signs. That's because you weren't driving the car; your subconscious was.


In the same way, your subconscious chooses to engage or disengage from opportunities and experiences without your conscious knowledge. It operates on autopilot based on the storehouse of beliefs you've accumulated from in utero to age 7, and all of the impressions recorded from emotionally charged experiences throughout your lifetime. So we can only ever experience what is on our subconscious program.


Using PSYCH-K, I help people identify the subconscious beliefs that are preventing them from living the life they want, and create new beliefs that support their goals, and the life they want to experience.

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