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Divining Your Life

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About Annie Lisa 

Annie grew up near New Haven, Connecticut. In 1996 she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in English from nearby Albertus Magnus College in New Haven. Alongside her 25-year career as an ad-creative and copywriter, Annie was inspired by profound, spiritual experiences that began in her late twenties.


On an unforgettable weekend in September 2014 with her younger sister, Dr. Teresa Sievers of Southwest, FL, an epic message and strange, synchronistic events, left Annie and Teresa with a clear understanding they were being called to serve humanity in a profound way. Tragically, before they could figure out what their mission was, Teresa was brutally murdered.


Soon after, Annie dedicated herself  to research in the realm of human existence, expanding consciousness and quantum physics. What Annie learned shifted her view of reality from physical beings living on earth to our infinite potential as energetic beings living in a vibrational Universe that responds to our thoughts.


In 2016, Teresa led Annie to research of Bruce H.  Lipton, PhD on the power of the subconscious mind, research that was pivotal in Teresa’s transition from internal medicine to energy medicine.  In 2017,  after completing training with  PSYCH-K®, an energy modality that accesses the subconscious, Annie opened her own practice, Divining Your Life, with Teresa guiding her all the while. Shortly after the world shut down in March 2020, Teresa revealed their mission to Annie: to reunite humanity with the power of love. 


Annie says to audiences at speaking events, “I am on mission to tell you that you are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.  We have created everything that is unfolding on this planet. And not only do we hold the power within us to change the current trajectory humanity faces, we have the responsibility to do so. How do we do that? By healing our wounds at the subconscious level  and, transforming into the loving Be-ings we were meant to be. 


Annie resides in Seymour, Connecticut with her husband, son and her sister Teresa’s two children.

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