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Almost 25 years ago, I had a spiritual awakening that began when I noticed that my deepest, unspoken intentions were being reflected back to me daily in my life. Answers would show up about a situation I was struggling with in a song, a newspaper article, or overhearing someone in the checkout line. When I acknowledged  these were not coincidences, but divine communication. these synchronicities, expanded exponentially.  I no longer had to ask; for guidance;  it would just show up like another voice in my mind, gently offering suggestions to be at a certain place at a certain time, and changing the course of my life. It was astounding!  I began to realize that I was having these experiences because I BELIEVED they were possible. But for some reason, I still wan't able to purposefully create the experiences I wanted to have in my life.

I began exploring spiritual modalities to learn more. I became certified in Reiki over 20 years ago before anyone around me even knew what it was. I studied the Sylva Method of Meditation with Ken Coscia. I delved into the magical world of the Sai Baba working with Nigel Taylor of Australia. 

I’ve spent the past 25 years reading  and watching a host of brilliant spiritual teachers, light workers, mystics, scientists, and researchers on a variety of subjects in the realm of spirituality, human existence, expanding consciousness and quantum physics. Among them are Dr. Caroline Myss, Dr. Norm Shealy, Abrams and Hicks, Nigel Taylor, Ethann Fox, Micheila Sheldon, Barbara Morey, Barbara Lamb, Michael Cremo, Keisha Crowther, Freddy Silva, Dr. Robert Schoch, ,Lloyd Mear, Robert O Williams and a host of other brilliant minds. What I l learned about our human history,and spiritual potential reshaped my beliefs and understanding about our infinite potential as spiritual beings. But it wasn’t until Dr. Bruce Lipton magically  popped up on my computer  that I found the missing link: subconscious beliefs are programs that create our reality. 

I realized why my affirmations were ineffective. Why the law of attraction wasn't working. Why I, like so many people, were stuck in patterns that prevented me from stepping on to my path and living my full potential. I understood that I was right all along: That I could only experience what I believed was possible. But those beliefs needed to be held at a subconscious level. And THAT was the key!


So now all I needed to figure out was how to find out what beliefs I hold in my subconscious and how to create self-empowering beliefs. And, again, I was magically led to Rob Williams and PSYCH-K®.

As a PSYCH-K®. Facilitator. I have been amazed by the transformation in my life and others in areas of s career, relationships, health,  wealth, spiritual growth,and more. Until we identify the self-limiting, subconscious beliefs that our driving our reality, we cannot purposefully, and consciously create our the lives we want..


My mission is to use PSYCH-K®. to empower people to live the lives they were meant to live, and to help raise the consciousness of this planet.

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