Life is Beautiful

"Annie, I just wanted to thank you for Thursday night. My life is changing so dramatically since we've done these two sessions together. I cannot thank you enough. I'm feeling a genuine happiness I've never felt before. My girlfriend is totally stunned with the results. I felt more shifts this year than the previous 47 years of my life. Each shift is sending me into a better direction. I can finally say that life is beautiful. I've been wanting to feel like this my entire life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :) This is the best investment I have ever made. My girlfriend and I decided to keep going with this. The results are too amazing not to." 

-Jamie, Massachusetts

That was Fast!

"I’m a bit amazed! The things that usually trigger my anxiety and change my mood are gone! Could it be? That fast? Wow!"

-Jose, Connecticut


My Wife is Back

“Annie I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with my wife. She has come home a different person. Now I know why I fell in love her almost 34 years ago. Thank you, thank you.“         

-David, Connecticut

Sleepless in Manhatten

"​I had been suffering from insomnia for almost a year. No matter what time I would go to bed, I wasn’t able to fall asleep. And even after finally falling asleep, I would wake up after a few hours and spend  most nights wide awake from 2:30 to 6:00. I tried meditation, sleep meditation guides, sleeping pills, and even participated in a sleep study at a local Manhattan hospital. Even when following the sleep studies’ protocols to the letter, nothing worked. I had a couple of sessions with Annie over FaceTime with her facilitating the balances and using my energy to do do the muscle testing. Annie facilitated our sessions with ease to help uncover subconscious beliefs that were affecting my ability to sleep. I was amazed to learn that some of my beliefs had to do with forgiving people who had wronged me, including myself, and believing that I was worthy. These are things I had no knowledge of at a conscious level;  I had never even thought about these issues.  "

 -Frank, New York

Peaceful Easy Feeling

"Thank you, Annie. I feel “different” more peaceful and much better with my husband. Much nicer to him and more accepting. We are both benefiting from my peace. It’s amazing. I cannot thank  you enough."    

—Louise, Connecticut


Anger Management

"I've already noticed that a "tension that has been part of e for a while is now goe. my wife also noticed this morning, while I was gtrying to my girls out the door (a usual source of stress and anger for me) that I was completely calm and easy-going about their normal hjinx, whereas I normally would be blowing a fuse. It came easily and I didn't have to this about trying to keep clam. Whoa!" 

—Anonymous, Connecticut

Breaking Patterns

"I had an amazing experience working with Annie. She is extremely passionate about the PSYCH-K process and her knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious. I was a bit skeptical at first, but in just one session I was able to change several repeating patterns that have kept me stuck in my life. I had no idea this could  really work!, but it did. Annie's kind, warm, non- judgmental style made me feel safe. I trusted the process because she did not judge me, and she took so much time with me educating me on how our self-limiting beliefs hold us back.  It was a life changing,  emotional experience.  I will continue working with Annie. I recommend trying this if you are struggling and want to makes a changes in your life."

—Cathy in Connecticut


Now I Remember

"Recently I went back to school after over 40 years. I was overwhelmed to say the least. But what stressed me the most was wondering how I was going to retain information. My short-term memory was so bad, I couldn’t recall someone’s name after being introduced. I did a couple of PSYCH-K balances with Annie around my ability to retain information and I have a 4.0 GPA!  I’m looking forward to working with Annie to uncover other beliefs that are preventing me from moving forward in various areas of my life, as well as get to the bottom of beliefs  are causing that are at the root of some of my health issues."

—Karen in Connecticut


A Bigger Shift Than Expected

"I  have experienced profound changes in my life since I first met with Annie. I’d wanted to accelerate my spiritual journey. Before balancing for that belief, Annie went through the PSYCH-K permission protocols. That muscle test was weak, meaning the balance wasn’t safe for me. She began asking me questions to uncover what beliefs I might hold around safety and embracing my spiritual nature? After a few minutes I realized that sometimes I had experiences that scared me. So we did a balance around being safe expanding my spiritual potential, and then we were able to move forward with the balance for “I am a spiritual being with infinite potential.” Annie followed-up with me a couple of weeks later to see how I was doing. I told her I was more patient, kind and forgiving with people. and was able to meditate and have OBE’s more easily. But the strangest thing was that I no longer wanted to drink or smoke weed! I wasn’t an addict or anything I just liked to party on the weekends. But for some reason I no longer had any interest. I craved a sober mind. Annie pointed out that often behaviors or patterns can be incongruent with a new belief, and they simply fall away. It’s been over four months and I rarely finish a glass of wine with dinner and I haven’t touched weed. I no longer have the desire. As a result I can meditate, float out of my body, recall my dreams and gain insight to their meaning. Annie knew the right questions to ask me to get me to help me get to the bottom of the belief that was blocking me from that goal. "

—Anonymous in Connecticut 

No More Procrastination

"For over 19 years I have read about and explored many methods to help me get past what seemed to be a lifelong issue with procrastination. There was always so much I wanted to do but somehow I just wasn’t actually getting to it. I might start, but then decide what I had done wasn’t good enough. Or I’d want to start, but would spend all my time straightening up my work space so I could concentrate, and then be worn out. I’d schedule time for myself and not honor that. Yet, I’d meet work deadlines or help friends with their personal projects but never do my own.


After doing a series of simple balances with Annie I found that I was actually being productive! Instead of coming home from work and hitting the couch – too tired to do anything, I kept feeling like “I’ll just do this, ok and now I’ll take care of that” and getting so much done.


Now I’ve made time to get serious about my writing, and even made the time to take a workshop in Italy. I’ve decluttering my house, and finally feel like I have traction in making changes and shaping my life the way I want it.


In the 7 months since the balance I have accomplished more than I have in the last three years. As a result, I am keeping a list of changes I want to make in my life, and will continue to work with Annie. "

—Martha in New Jersey

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