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You Make Me Sick

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Think for a second. How many times in your life you’ve said that before. Or, he makes me sick. Or that makes me sick. Or my job makes me sick. Or I’m making myself sick just thinking about (fill in the blank). If you only knew how true that ole saying is.

What’s really making us sick are the emotions tied to those scenarios. When we get rattled by people, places and things, the stress sets off our immune system. And when angst-filled situations go on for long periods of times, the “dis-ease” in the body becomes so great that we get seriously sick. Like cancer-sick.

Emotions Trigger Illness

My dearly departed sister who was a reformed western MD, later turned to functional medicine and ultimately energy healing told me straight out, “I don’t care how great you eat, sleep or poop. How organic you eat or how much you meditate and exercise. If you don’t deal with your emotional (shit, was what she said) you’re going to get sick.

In fact, most people who get sick can generally pinpoint their illness to a specific stressful event. I know that after my sister was murdered, I became very sick. But no amount of medicine or change of diet helped me. I had to deal with my grief and anger. And when I did, the pain in my body went away.

If you think about it, it really does make sense without even getting into any science (and there’s loads of it). In his book,"The Biology of Belief" Bruce H, Lipton, PhD., Stem Cell Biologist suggests 98% of all disease is caused from emotions. Yep. Emotions are powerful. If you don’t express them, release them, and move on, where do they go? Right. In your body. They make a nice comfy home in your cells, and ultimately manifest into an illness. Read Bruce's book or check out his full lecture on youtube.

Sick or Stressed?

I have a friend who was so emotionally worked up over a big exam that she was using the toilet and a basin simultaneously the morning of the exam. She called me saying, “Oh my God I’m not going to be able to take my test tonight because I’m sick. I must have a virus. I’ve been puking and pooping all morning.” She was upset and crying. I told her she wasn’t sick from a virus; she was sick because she was stressed about her exam.

Transforming Stress with PSYCH-K®

We did a PSYCH-K right on the spot, over the phone. When we finished I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt fine, calm in fact. I checked in with her five hours later and she told me she felt the shift during the balance and didn’t get sick the rest of the day. Instead she was calm and relaxed and ready to take her exam. (And she passed too!)

Stress comes in a lot of forms, some of it obvious and some of it is beneath the surface—like the stuff you block out because you don’t want to deal with, or other issues you simply don’t have conscious knowledge of. In either case, stress will manifest somehow--subtly or like a raging beast—in your body.

What can you do? Get in touch with subconscious beliefs that are at the root of the emotions you are expressing (or not expressing), and change your limiting believes into self-empowering beliefs. PSYCH-K uses muscle testing to find out the beliefs held in our subconscious that prevent us from living the lives we want to live, and if not addressed, will cause illness to set-in. Once the root cause is identified, new goal statements are identified and become part of your belief-system through the transformation process—a PSYCH-K balance.

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