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You Know

We have been taught to trust everyone and everything outside of ourselves. Programmed from birth that we don't know the answers, our parents do. Our teachers do. Our religious and political leaders do. Our doctors, and lawyers do, and on and on. If we question anything we are told we are difficult, insubordinate, a conspiracy theorist, or just down right annoying.

We get A's in school forregurgitating history. We get reprimanded for asking questions or offering differing opinions and rewarded for falling in line.

Here’s the deal my fellow Beings who chose to be here on this planet now during this time of great transition. We were born to create, not imitate. To expand. To evolve. Discernment and intuition are our God-given gifts. We have permission to scratch our heads and say, “Hey wait a minute. That doesn’t make any sense.”

We are living in a time of great transition, and now more than ever we must:

Be still.

Silence our egos.

Go into our hearts.

Trust our higher-selves.

Listen to our intuition.

Take action with unconditional love.

This is our birthright.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

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