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The Power is in YOU

Updated: Oct 22, 2017

Well tonight is the big night. And I’m ready! Yep. I feel like I’ve been ready for this work my whole life, but I just couldn’t seem to get out of my own way to accomplish it. But all of that has changed for me. The old patterns of starting something, and never finishing is part of my past. I gladly give up the title “World’s Biggest Procrastinator.” It was a lifelong belief that’s been erased from my subconscious through PSYCH-K® balancing.

I balanced for that old belief back in February. It was a basic balance that only required one belief statement, “I set goals and I achieve them on time.” Why? Well those of you who follow my blog know that my family has an on-going pool to see who I’m going to be when I grow up. I used to just talk about what I wanted to do, but I never was able to move forward and manifest it into my life.

Let the believing begin!

So when I told everyone in my family that I was going to help people step into their personal power so they could live their purpose, the bets on the pool were huge. And for a while, I thought they might win.

When I returned from training in February, I was in my studio balancing every day. I was ready to do that big thing I knew I was supposed to do my whole life. I was on fire, seeing in my mind how I would start, and where this all would go.

The first thing I did was pick a company name and file it with States Attorney—easy one. Then I had to write the presentation (that I’m doing tonight). All I had to do was write it, and present it. EASY! A total no-brainer for me. I’ve spent my whole career writing and marketing for other people, and I’ve been performing on stage pretty much my whole life. Now, I was going to take all my gifts and use them with passion and purpose. It was like, “Look out world, here I come! Woo hoo!”

But March came and went, and no presentation. Then April. Then May. (Yawn). June, nope. July, uh uh--nothing. My family was anxiously looking at their pool wondering who this year’s big winner was going to be.

But then something HUGE happened

I was sitting there in my studio one day thinking, “Crap! This is not happening to me again! I balanced for this s$%& man! I’ve got this! What’s going on?” So I looked at my journal and looked at all the balances I had done since February. And there it was--scrawled in my poor penmanship (an early program courtesy of first grade teacher, Miss Schemwick, now on the “to-be-balanced list). So I read my belief statement out loud, “I set goals and I achieve them on time.”

And all the sudden it hit me. Bam! I never set a goal! How could I accomplish a goal I had never set? I had forgotten that the subconscious is completely anal! I’ve been b’n and m’n at my subconscious for not following the program, and she’s like, “Um hm. I heard you girl. Loud and clear. But you ain’t never set no goal, honey.” (My subconscious is a know-it-all southern black woman who loves to say, ‘I told you so.’ I call her Bethia, and I LOVE her, and her brutal honesty! She’s been my bestie since my third trimester of life.) I needed to set the goal.

The balance worked!

So on the Friday of Labor Day weekend I got in my car drove to Best Video, fell in love with the place, and booked for tonight’s event. And then everything changed. Immediately.

I accomplished more in the two-weeks following the day I set that goal, than I have in the last 5 years. Here’s what I did: Finished my presentation; wrote a brochure, created a promotional flyer, isolated a demographic region, wrote a cover letter, did a mailing, created FB page for DYL, created an event, promoted it, boosted it, launched my website, opened a business account, got a merchant account, took out a loan, wrote a blog and created a video blog, promoted both. Whew!

Everything came to me so easily

The daily 15 items on my to-do-list accomplished that once made my brain hurt and completely overwhelmed me, the 15-hour days, and managing it all while continuing to manage my life, were done. And it was effortless. You heard me, correctly: effortless. It was like I had been in a traffic jam on I84 my whole life, and traffic suddenly cleared, and I got off my exit. Now I’m coasting down this beautiful country road and enjoying all the beauty. I have cried more tears of joy these past few weeks than ever.

All these years of blaming everyone and everything for sabotaging my dreams, when it was my subconscious, aka Bethia. that was running on a program of beliefs that had been stored throughout my life. Bestie or not, Bethia had been calling the shots, remembering and recording down everything I was taught to believe, and how I internalized every experieince. And that girl has a memory! But using the muscle testing in PSYCH-K®, I was able to find out what she had been storing in there, and change the things I no longer wanted or needed to believe using the change processes in PSYCH-K® . Immediately! A basic balance only takes between 5-10 minutes.

Confirmation from the Universe

So, yesterday, I’m driving back to Best Video to check the logistics for my computer, and test my presentation. And I was literally stuck in traffic. But I didn’t stress. I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. I sat there staring at a truck in front of me forever, creeping along the Merritt Parkway—the whole time thinking about the power we all have within us to create our reality. And then I noticed what was written on the back of the truck, “The Plan Ahead—It’s bigger than POWER." The plan, my friends, is rewriting your subconscious beliefs, stepping into your power and living the life you were meant to live.

I’m doing it, Bethia!

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