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PSYCH-K® The “Secret” behind The Law of Attraction

How many of you read the Secret? Said your belief statement over and over again? Like, I don’t know, maybe “Money flows to me easily and abundantly.” Made your vision board. Got photos of big houses and boats, cars-- all of it. Images of you living in abundance. So how is that going? Are you creating your reality, or do you have a collection of vision boards slid along the side of your dryer or piling up under your bed?

We Create What We Vibrate

We live in a vibrational universe. This is a fact, whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter. Every thought, word, idea, car, cat, cow—everything in this universe has a vibration. And the law of attraction works within this vibrational structure, and is every bit as real as the law of gravity: if you jump off a building you will go straight down. That’s a fact. Even though we don’t see it manifest as quickly as the law of gravity, the law of attraction is the vehicle for creation throughout this vast Universe. Here’s what it means: that which is like unto itself, draws unto itself, or simply put, like attracts like. So, whatever you vibrate out to the universe, the universe returns to you. Energetic forces--that you can’t even begin to imagine with your five physical senses from your three-dimensional perspective--conspire to manifest a match for that vibration. You don’t need to understand how that works. I don’t know how my toaster works; it just does. But if you follow along here, you’ll see that your role in this co-creation with the Universe is actually pretty easy.

We Vibrate What we Emote

While your affirmations and vision boards do have a vibration, they cannot compete with vibration of your emotions. Simply repeating a statement like, “Money flows to me easily and abundantly,” will not work if you are holding an emotion that contradicts with that statement. For example, if you are holding an emotion about not having enough money, you are actually vibrating to the universe a frequency of “lack”, -- not having what you need--and that is the experience that will be delivered to you: more lack. And there are probably a host of other beliefs that are creating your thoughts about money. Maybe you don’t feel your worthy of having money. Or maybe you connote wealth with evil. These emotions are vibrating right alongside your vision board, and that is what the universe is responding to. It won’t matter how many times you repeat your affirmation or how many vision boards you make. Your emotions carry the strongest vibration.

Our Emotions Are Doing All The Talking

Have you ever been really pissed at your spouse or your bestie, but decide you’re not going to say anything about it. And even though you pretend like everything is okay, and you say all the right things, they know something is wrong. They can just “feel” it. Right? And THAT’S what they react to. What you are saying and doing is muted by the emotional vibration you are sending out. You may even insist that everything is fine, but they’ll say they’re picking up weird vibes from you.

Imagine it like this: You are in a room with your earbuds in and blasting music through your device. And at the same time, someone is talking to you, there’s a TV blaring, and someone else is playing the guitar and singing. But you can’t hear anything except what’s coming through your earbuds. In a similar way, it doesn’t matter how loudly you affirm your desire, the Universe doesn’t “hear” it because your emotional vibe is louder than anything else.

Trade-in Your Vision Board for a New Vibration with PSYCH-K®

If you want to change your vibration you must change your emotions at the sub-conscious level. And that’s exactly what PSYCH-K does. Using a combination of ancient wisdom and modern neuro-science, PSYCH-K changes life-long beliefs that are creating your emotions and keeping you stuck in the same pattern.

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