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Goodbye Gluten Intolerance Treating "Disease" with PSYCH-K®

Updated: Dec 1, 2017

Allergies can sometimes get in the way for things we enjoy in life, and depending on the severity, some can be life threatening. I know someone who is so deathly allergic to bees that without his epi-pen, he’d be a goner if he got stung.

How could I live without gluten?

Like many people, I have a sensitivity to gluten. And I LOVE gluten! But whenever I eat anything with gluten I blow up like a balloon, get pain in my joints—particularly my hip—and my eyes feel like I have sand in them. So I gave up gluten almost 6 years ago, and somehow learned how to live without freshly baked Italian bread, and a host of other gluten deliciousness. And whenever I cheat, the symptoms return.

But as of Saturday afternoon, at a PSYCH-K workshop in Detroit, I did a balance, and my gluten intolerance is gone! Yep. You heard me correctly. Gone.

It wasn’t gluten. It was my Dad.

Here’s what happened: I was working with another PSYCH-K facilitator on balancing subconscious beliefs associated with disease, stressful events and allergies. Interestingly, when I muscle tested, I learned my subconscious revealed that I did NOT have a gluten intolerance. I was blown away. So now what to do? My instructor suggested I try testing for wheat. Bam! That was it. For some reason, my subconscious understood an association to wheat, but not gluten. Here’s why: I took a moment to see if I could recall a person, place or event that might be associated with my wheat issues. Almost instantly I recalled a memory of being around 9 years old asking for second helpings of spaghetti and Italian bread, and my father telling me if I kept eating bread and pasta I would be fat. I had completely forgotten about that. But Bethia (my pet name for my subconscious), of course, had not

Bethia was just doing her job.

Remember what I told you about the subconscious in my last blog. (What do you mean you didn’t read it? Go read it!) Okay, I’ll recap: your subconscious records all your experiences and all the associated beliefs that go along with them from about the third trimester to age seven, as well as traumatic experiences that occur at any age.

When my dad embarrassed me in front of my family about getting fat from eating wheat, my Bethia took the entire story and saved it to my operating system. She couldn’t pull apart what was at the root of that emotionally charged situation with my Dad and wheat; she just stored everything away. Why? Because that’s her job: to have the memory of an elephant. And as a result, every time I ate wheat, she was like, “Uh uh, baby girl, I done tole you, you gonna get fat if you keep on like that honey.”

Collective consciousness and allergies

Now hold on, hold on. I know what your saying right now, as you “pffft” at your screen. You’re thinking, okay so the thousands of people who are allergic to pollen, for example, all had an emotionally charged issue behind it? No. But I am so glad you asked that question. Because now I get to dive a little deeper into quantum physics, and tie it all back to how beliefs create our reality. Open your mind for a second. Let’s all breathe. Ahhh. Okay?

A lot of you have probably been hearing people talk about the collective consciousness. What is that? The collective consciousness is a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes, that operate as a unifying force within a society. When thousands (or millions of people) believe in the same idea, we—through our own beliefs and through watching those ideas unfold—believe it too. My point: The belief that that pollen is the culprit causing people to have an allergic reaction is a collective believe that most people are tied to. But it’s not. It’s that we have been aligned with that collective belief, and therefore many people experience pollen, allergies. Okay, I’ll shut up now and get back to how I used PSYCH-K to get rid of my gluten allergy.

I’m eating gluten again!

I did a PSYCH-K New Direction balance that took about ohhhhhhhhh let’s see…..two minutes. And to prove my balance worked, when I got back to my hotel, I ate a big ole bowl of pasta with a side of crusty bread and woke up with absolutely no bloating, no aching joints and no sandy feeling in my eyes. And I’m sure Bethia had tears of joys running down her subconscious face, because I know she hated depriving me of my favorite foods.

What subconscious beliefs are you holding that have manifested into your body as an allergy or even cancer? That’s right. Cancer. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, up to 99% of ALL disease is caused from our emotions—but that’s a whole separate blog. And I’m out of time. Besides, I think Bethia is fixin’ for me to have some peach pie right about now.

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