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Expanding Beyond Coincidence

I saw that billboard outside of Penn Station

in Newark, NJ.

Black with white knockout type. Just like that.

No logo. No company name.

It was 9/28/13

and the time was 8:00AM.

How do I remember all that?

An hour earlier I was looking at my reflection

in the Hilton Hotel bathroom mirror.

That’s when I surrendered

with my whole heart

to listen to my divine guidance

even if it made me uncomfortable.

So I knew that billboard was my confirmation

from the Universe.

My surrender had been heard and accepted.

And what happened next did change everything.

Exactly 9 months from that date

a new version of my reality was birthed

in epic proportions.

My beautiful sister/soulmate left this plane.


I should’ve been pretty pissed.

I surrendered and then dealt this shit?

But I wasn’t pissed at the Universe

or my Divine Guidance.

I was pissed at a few people for

murdering my sister.

But that’s not the story here.

I just needed to get your attention.

So forgive me.


This is about synchronicity.

Those moments when you’re thinking about something

or someone and it's reflected back to you in

a song that's playing when you walk into a restaurant

that you hadn’t planned on going to.

an answer to a random question you ask someone that resonated deeply

with something you’ve been struggling with

a headline on the cover of a magazine you saw at the checkout line

when you weren’t even supposed to be in that store.

a chance meeting with someone that changed the course of your life.

Or a billboard that stopped you in your tracks.

Maybe you’ve called them coincidences.

But when you recognize they are not

and align yourself with that belief,


well, what happens next changes everything.

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